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  • Shanghai Yuji Sifluo Co., Ltd. (Yuji SiFluo), founded in 2020, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quanzhou Yuji Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. (Quanzhou Yujji). Yuji SiFluo is the world's leading R&D and manufacturer of fluorine containing and semiconductor materials, focusing on the development of CFCs substitutes, electronic gases, electric power insulating gases and high-tech fluorine containing fine chemicals, committed to providing customers with "one-stop" product solutions.
    Yuji SiFluo's main products cover new generation refrigerants, blowing agents, aerosol propellants, fire extinguishing agents, solvents cleaning agents, electronic gases, electric power fluorinated materials, fluorinated fluids, lithium ion battery chemicals, fluorinated pharmaceutical intermediates, fluorinated pesticide intermediates, etc. In fluorine chemical  Click for details>>

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